Sales Pipeline Automation

Interest Appraiser

Identify warm prospects with areas of interest and insights to craft your pitch.

Websites have become on of the most important marketing instruments. Companies invest significantly in creating professional websites and keeping them updated. But most companies do not have an easy way of knowing what is working and what should be a better focus for marketing and sales efforts. Without continuous flow of such important actionable insights, one tends to bank on sweeping assumptions rather than creating data driven plans.

This is where LogiKlu can make a big difference. No Statistical overkill. Just meaningful, actionable marketing and sales intelligence to help in identifying B2B prospects, understanding areas of specific interest and collecting actionable insights to pursue opportunities. Stop drowning in endless reports! LogiKlu highlights where you need to focus and act upon without getting lost in data tables. 

Identify Warm Prospects 

Identify companies visiting the website and qualify warm prospects based on levels of interest. Focus on those companies that matter most in your sales efforts without being dependent on cold calls.

Journey Analytics

Understand the evolution of interest of visitors before they take an action on the website. Understand what each B2B visitor is interested in to shape your sales pitch.

Marketing Asset Utilization

Equip your marketing team with insights on utilization of digital assets such as brochures, product literature, video, and downloadable software on the website to understand product demand and guide resource planning

Engage. Convert. Capture.

Engage website visitors with user-friendly lead Capture Forms, gain insights about their needs and convert to sales leads to pursue opportunities

Lead tracking from Email Campaigns

Identify leads from Mail Chimp Campaigns. See which email recipients visited the website and understand their levels of interest and areas of interest. Gain insights for your next sales pitch to them.

Gather more intelligence on Form submitters

Review information collected from inbuilt website forms and check their journey analytics to get a better idea on evolution of interest.

Watch List with Alerts

Add specific companies, products and marketing assets to your Watch List to be alerted of activities.

Traffic Acquisition Reports

See if your LinkedIn Campaigns and posts, Email Campaigns are driving traffic to your site.

Visitor Analytics

Understand not just the geographical distribution of the traffic but also see your success in reaching out to industries and sectors

Built on best of breed cloud architecture. Available on both mobile platforms.

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