Sales Pipeline Automation

Sales Pipeline Management

Rev up to a simpler, nimbler CRM with integrated Lead Generation.

Conventional CRMs are outdated in many respects for a fast paced SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). These CRMs are big and bulky, sometimes with bells and whistles that are hardly used by most SMEs. Instead of helping sales people to save time on data management, many CRM platforms are often the reason for sales people to not properly update the status of sales activities.

LogiKlu has been specifically designed with the sales organization in mind. It is a streamlined sales pipeline management platform that helps your sales team achieve their full potential more effectively. No organizational bottlenecks. No additional resource requirements. No training. Update conveniently from mobile devices.  Simple and nimble, yet powerful.

Sales Prospects from Website

Identify companies visiting the website and qualify warm prospects based on levels of interest. These warm prospects help in filling the sales funnel automatically.

Sales leads from offline sources

Upload lists of prospects easily to LogiKlu to add to the central database and manage all opportunities, from both online and offline sources, in one integrated streamlined sales pipeline.

Assign target opportunities

Assign specific target opportunities to sales team members to have focused efforts to close deals and meet objectives. 

Sales Cycle Status Updates

Sales team members can easily and effortlessly update the status of each opportunity from their mobile phones and contribute to the sales pipeline forecast. 

Sales Pipeline Forecast

Automatically consolidate sales status updates from individual sales team members into a global sales pipeline forecast by sales quarter, status and other key parameters. .

Built on best of breed cloud architecture. Available on both mobile platforms.

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