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Monthly Action Level Monthly Price
50,000 actions $129.95
100,000 actions $179.95
200,000 actions $279.95
300,000 actions $379.95
400,000 actions $479.95
500,000 actions $579.95
600,000 actions $679.95
700,000 actions $779.95
800,000 actions $879.95
900,000 actions $979.95
1,000,000 actions $1,079.95
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1 million actions
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Included Features Free Enterprise Premium
Mobile Dashboard
Engagement Snapshot
Major Actions Snapshot
Real Time Visits
Comparison Trends
Potential Leads by Activity Level
Traffic Source
Quick View Lists
Visitor Location Analysis
Analytical Insights
Multiple Filters for Types of Visitor
Easy 3/7/30/60/90 Days View
Bounce Rate
Inbound Traffic Analysis
Product Activity Report
One Account, Multiple Domains
CSV Downloads
Visitor Exclusion
Custom Settings Support
Business Leads by Products
Watch List
Instant Alert
Multidimensional Bounce Tracking
High Engagement Visitor Report
Scheduled Multi-Report System
Extended Data Limit
On-boarding Specialist
Data Retention 90 Days 12 Month
(Can be upgraded)
24 Month
(Can be upgraded)
Number of Users 3 10 20

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