Sales Intelligence Automation

Identify Interested Companies and their Specific Products and Services of Interest.

LogiKlu identifies companies visiting a website and analyzes each visiting company's depth of engagement and behavioral patterns over periods of time to qualify their interest. This is not limited to tracking of general interest by the visiting company but in-depth analysis of explicit interest in individual products and services. You can also delve into layers of details on each visiting company, location, activities related to each product and service, as well as the journey on the website with flagged areas of high interest and low interest.

Additionally, there are aggregated reports on “Companies showing Interest from Countries/Regions”, “Product / Service Demand by Country”, “Popularity of Products / Services”, and “What's Trending” available to serve as quick summary.

Semiconductor Devices

Semiconductor Equipment

Enterprise Software

Industrial Equipment

Chemical and Bulk Pharmaceutical

IT Services

Engineering Services

Manufacturing Services

Media Companies

Health Care



No Statistical overkill. No frills. No drills. Just meaningful data to help you with business development.

See what your current customers are utilizing and what your prospective customers are seeking on your website.

But that’s just the beginning. Your teams can select the specific leads that are 'target business opportunities' for the regions they serve. Thereafter, they can easily add updates for each opportunity as the Engagement Cycle unfurls. They can also add target leads to the Watch List to be alerted of visits by these Companies.

LogiKlu sets itself apart in delivering powerful analytics while being simple and nimble, and in offering an “Intelligence Hub” that infuses collaboration to win business. 

LogiKlu not only delivers warm leads and insightful intelligence on individual products or services for each region most efficiently to the team, it also enables them to add inputs on target business opportunities easily throughout the engagement cycle, whenever, wherever.

Avoid being bottlenecked by organizational resources. No need to access a computer, if you can't. Your mobile device will more than suffice! 

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