Sales Pipeline Automation

Identify Interested Companies and their Specific Products and Services of Interest

LogiKlu identifies companies visiting a website and analyzes depth of engagement and behavioral patterns to qualify them as prospects. While theses warm prospects identified by LogiKlu can help fill the sales funnel, the companies that do not qualify as prospects are categorized as suspects to help in understand of demand analytics.  

You can appreciate their explicit interest in individual products and services instead of being content just with a general idea of intent. The details on each visiting company reflect the specific location of the visitor and all activities on the website during the visit. You can add the important companies to a "Watch List" and be alerted of future visits as well as view a filtered list of the companies that you would like LogiKlu to watch on your behalf. 

You can review details of the visitor's journey on the website with flagged areas of high interest and low interest. The sequential journey helps understand the evolution or progression of interest. The areas of interest help the salesperson craft the pitch with more accuracy while approaching the company and help the marketing team understand crucial data about product / service demand.

LogiKlu can provide the same information on your existing customers, distributors, partners and competitors visiting the website to  help understand "interest" and "intent" of these visitors. 

LogiKlu for Winning More Business More Effectively

Our Solutions

We offer Opportunity Management and Lead Capture Management, which include various features to be packaged for subscription.

Interest Appraiser

Simple, nimble, smart sales prospecting solution to drive revenue growth.

Sales Funnel Automation

Convert website visitors into leads. Simple. Effective.

Sales Pipeline Management

Rethink CRM! Rev up to a simpler, nimbler yet powerful solution.

No Statistical overkill. No frills. No drills. Just meaningful, actionable information based on solid behavioral analytics and prospect qualification.

Identify Companies. Qualify Interest. Fill Sales Pipeline. Assign Targets. Pursue Opportunities. Drive Revenues.

LogiKlu is simple, yet powerful.

Filling the funnel -

LogiKlu automates the process of filling the sales funnel while minimizing organizational bottlenecks. It identifies companies visiting a website and appraises them to qualify as regional warm prospects based on their interest on products and services being offered. LogiKlu can be integrated with the two most popular CRM systems, Salesforce and Zoho. After integration, LogiKlu can deliver warm prospects (qualified companies) with associated sales insights automatically to these CRM systems to fill the sales funnel with ease and efficiency.

Managing sales pipeline through and through 

Most significantly, LogiKlu offers an alternative to traditional CRM systems for SMEs that may find high cost, resource intensive traditional CRM platforms as “overkill” for their organizational strength and budget. Instead of a traditional CRM, the LogiKlu Sales Pipeline Management package can be utilized to deal with both online and offline business opportunities throughout the sales cycle. In addition to automating the sales funnel by receiving qualified prospects from the website, you can add your own target opportunities to the database for further pursuits – emailing, calling and video conferencing. You can use your existing Outlook and Gmail account or use LogiKlu mail to reach out to leads at target business opportunities very conveniently. LogiKlu serves as a simple, nimble effective sales pipeline management solution for the sales team without any frills, organizational dependency or need for special training.

You may want to see how your email campaigns are nurturing leads and which target companies on your email distribution are actually converting to lead by visiting the website. LogiKlu integrates with major email marketing platforms such as Mail Chimp to capture and identify individual leads from emails campaigns.

LogiKlu offers Lead Capture Forms to engage with website visitors and convert them to leads. You can select and execute forms of your choice on the website with no need for coding. You can deploy on any page of choice. The leads collected by these forms can then be nurtured by sales engagement whether on LogiKlu or whether through your existing email marketing platforms.

Analyzing website traffic for marketing intelligence 

Sales pipeline is not the only area that LogiKlu excels in. It simplifies web analytics to be utilized as actionable insights instead of burdensome statistical reports that turn off most marketers. And you do not need “certified analysts” to help you prepare reports on traffic acquisition, popular pages, product demand insights or geographical trends to make key marketing decisions. It is simple and readily usable without any training. 


LogiKlu sets itself apart as a sales pipeline automation platform that packs powerful features on a simple, nimble and smart solution platform that requires no training. 

LogiKlu not only helps you find actionable opportunities from the website, and capture leads from email campaigns and visitor-engagement forms, it also enables you to add status updates on target business opportunities very efficiently during the sales cycle. 

It is your sales pipeline hub to drive revenues without being bottlenecked by organizational resources. 

Sales Pipeline Management at its Simplest Nimblest Best!

Ready to turbo charge your opportunity pipeline?

Identify prospects and capture leads on your website to fill your sales funnel and drive revenues.

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