Sales Intelligence Automation

Identify Interested Companies and their Specific Products and Services of Interest.

LogiKlu identifies companies visiting a website and analyzes each visiting company's depth of engagement and behavioral patterns over periods of time to qualify their level interest.

You can appreciate their explicit interest in individual products and services instead of being content with a general idea. You can review details of their journey on the website with flagged areas of high interest and low interest.  

Are you ready to generate high
quality leads from your website?

Uncover the companies showing interest
to pursue qualified business opportunities.

Gain insights on areas of interest, activities of importance and points to pursue. 
Do not have to call cold. Do not have to send cold emails. Be better prepared. 
Prepare your sales pitch without being blind sighted about their needs. 
With LogiKlu, you can pursue opportunities more effectively. 

No Statistical overkill. No frills. No drills. Just meaningful, actionable information based on solid behavioral analytics and lead qualification.

Identify Companies. Qualify Interest. Process Leads. Assign Targets. Pursue Opportunities. Manage Pipeline.

LogiKlu identifies Companies visiting a website and qualifies their interest as high, medium and low. Your teams can select specific leads as 'target business opportunities' for the regions they serve and add to their watch List. You could have freshly researched contact information of decision makers served to you for further pursuance of opportunities.

You may want to see how your email campaigns are nurturing leads and which target companies on your email distribution are actually converting to lead by visiting the website. LogiKlu integrates with major email marketing platforms such as Mail Chimp to capture and identify individual leads from emails campaigns.

LogiKlu offers Lead Capture Forms to engage with website visitors and convert them to leads. You can select and execute forms of your choice on the website with no need for coding. It is simple to build and easy to deploy on any page of choice. The leads collected by these forms can then be nurtured by sales engagement whether on LogiKlu or whether through your existing email marketing platforms.


LogiKlu sets itself apart as a sales intelligence automation platform that packs powerful lead generation and sales pipeline management on a simple, nimble and smart solution platform that requires no training. 

LogiKlu not only helps you find actionable opportunities from the website, and capture leads from email campaigns and visitor-engagement forms, it also enables you to add status updates on target business opportunities very efficiently during the sales cycle. 

It is your sales intelligence hub to drive sales without being bottlenecked by organizational resources. 

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