Sales Pipeline Automation

End-to-End Sales Pipeline Automation - Lead Generation + CRM + Web Analytics

LogiKlu offers an integrated platform that combines CRM functionalities, lead generation, and website analytics to drive revenue with less effort and more productivity.

From qualifying warm leads on your website, gaining insights into their needs, converting visitors into leads, and extracting leads from email campaigns, LogiKlu provides a seamless workflow for deal management. Our platform is simple yet powerful, designed to enhance sales performance and streamline operations.

LogiKlu stands out as one of the few Sales Pipeline Automation solutions that integrate CRM and Lead Generation into a cohesive, streamlined workflow. Our CRM is tailored for sales organizations, enabling them to manage day-to-day tasks and deal management with ease and efficiency. It aligns with the real-life pursuit of sales opportunities to meet targets effectively.

Our focus on simplicity ensures that your sales team spends more time selling and less time dealing with data. LogiKlu empowers sales teams to realize their full potential and achieve outstanding results.


Simplify your CRM experience: Minimize Complexity, Maximize Efficiency

LogiKlu has been designed ground up to enable quick adaptation by the sales team. It is simple to add leads, whether individually or in bulk. It is easy to manage deals with a visual interactive pipeline and keep up with tasks and activities. LogiKlu brings the best out of a sales team. 

Our Solutions

LogiKlu offers sales pipeline CRM and Lead Generation as individual products as well as a bundled package. Marketing Enhancer can be added on to Lead Actuator. 

Sales Pipeline CRM

Enhance sales productivity by enabling sales teams to manage the entire sales pipeline, contacts, leads, deals, activities and reports easily and efficiently.

Lead Actuator

Automate the flow of leads from your website. Identify B2B visitors, qualify, lead, and realize areas of interest. Capture leads with configurable zero coding web forms.

Marketing Enhancer 

In addition to Lead Actuator, gain insights and actionable information on website traffic, digital asset utilization and product demand analytics, and extract leads from mass mail campaigns.

Mobile Lead, Deal Flow and Activity Management: Anytime, Anywhere

LogiKlu makes it simpler by offering a mobile application to manage critical CRM functions and Lead Management on the go. Whether you want to update the deal status after coming out of a customer meeting or you are seeking a quick report on progress, LogiKlu has all you need within your easy reach. 

Powerful Solution: Achieve Higher Sales Productivity

LogiKlu combines robust functionality with a simple design to boost sales productivity. By categorizing leads based on their progression in the sales lifecycle and marking them as cold, warm, or hot, LogiKlu provides granular insights. Our visual deal flow efficiently captures sales inputs, manages activities, and highlights essential business information. With comprehensive reports on sales cycle progression and sales forecasts, LogiKlu equips your team with the tools needed to manage sales more effectively. 

Automated Lead Flow: Feed Pipeline More Effectively

LogiKlu offers an automated lead flow from the website. B2B visitors get identified, qualified as lead based on levels of interest and areas of interest get determined by applying behavioral analytics. Moreover, lead capture forms can be added with zero coding to desired parts of the website to generate leads. You can create, control and configure lead forms from the LogiKlu admin panel without touching your website. Can it get any simpler?

LogiKlu sets itself apart as a sales pipeline automation platform by packing powerful CRM features with Lead Generation on a simple, nimble integrated platform that enables quick adaptation. 

LogiKlu helps you uncover actionable opportunities from your website, capture leads from email campaigns and visitor engagement forms, and easily add status updates on target business opportunities throughout the sales cycle.

As your central sales pipeline hub, LogiKlu drives revenue without being constrained by organizational resources.


Sales Pipeline Management at its Simplest Nimblest Best!

Ready to upgrade to higher sales potential?

Generate leads and manage sales cycle with higher efficiency to fill your sales funnel and drive revenues.

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