Sales Pipeline Automation

Why LogiKlu

CRMs need not be complex. Lead generation need not be tedious.

Try LogiKlu - CRM plus lead generation and marketing Insights in one integrated platform - simplicity at its best.

Top 10 reasons why LogiKlu is the right choice for you

  1. LogiKlu’s intuitive interface makes it easy for sales teams to navigate, track leads, and manage deals with minimal training. Its easy-to-use interface makes it simple for users of all skill levels.
  2. LogiKlu offers a visual representation of the sales pipeline, enabling teams to easily track progress and identify bottlenecks in the sales process.
  3. LogiKlu offers automation features that can save time and streamline your sales process, such as automated reminders and follow-up tasks.
  4. The LogiKlu mobile app enables sales teams to access their CRM data on the go, making it easy to stay connected and be productive.
  5. LogiKlu offers different pricing plans and features to accommodate businesses of various sizes and needs, ensuring that your CRM and Lead Generation solution can scale up as your business grows.
  6. LogiKlu provides insightful progress reports on lead conversion and deal progression by salespersons, regions, and products to help you make data-driven decisions, track sales performance, and identify opportunities for improvement.
  7. LogiKlu creates automated real time sales forecasts based on the inputs collected on each deal in the pipeline from the Account Owners
  8. LogiKlu offers competitive pricing options for businesses of different sizes, making it a cost-effective solution, whether it is for CRM, or Lead Generation or for marketing Insights from the website.
  9. You can streamline your sales process, automate tasks, schedule appointments, and get a complete view of your sales pipeline. This can help you stay organized, work more efficiently and close more deals.
  10. By integrating lead generation and CRM in one streamlined workflow, LogiKlu enables businesses to achieve higher sales productivity, team collaboration and achieve better returns on sales efforts.

LogiKlu can help optimize your sales process, improve customer relationships, enhance sales productivity and ultimately increase revenue.

How will LogiKlu help me improve sales productivity?

LogiKlu’s visual sales pipeline makes CRM intuitive and simple allowing you to track leads, pursue opportunities, manage activities, streamline sales workflows and follow progress more effectively.


Automated reminders and alerts increase the efficiency of the sales team. Real-time progress reports enable both salesperson and management to understand slow moving leads, deals at risk and tasks to prioritize.

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