Sales Pipeline Automation

Lead Actuator

Automate lead generation to fill your sales funnel for revenue growth

Lead Actuator

LogiKlu Lead Actuator helps reduce cost of customer acquisition by filling the sales funnel with warm leads from the website. Companies showing interest in products and services are identified along with their location. LogiKlu algorithm also determines the levels of interest of these companies as well as areas of interest to help in sales pitching. Website visitors can also be engaged with web forms and converted to leads by collecting information about their requirements. If combined with LogiKlu CRM, all leads captured on the website can be transferred automatically to the CRM lead database. Leads can be distributed as per your organizational structure and sales territorial responsibilities.

Identification of Companies Visiting a Website

  • Identify Companies visiting the website.
  • Determine their level of interest to qualify as leads for sales.
  • Gain insights on engagement - frequency of visits and returning or new visitors.
  • Quickly filter leads based on levels of interest for sales pursuits.
  • View leads based on individual countries to plan for marketing and sales programs.

Lead Insights and Data Enrichment

  • Get details on Companies visiting the website.
  • Track every action, every move, step by step to know their needs and preferences.
  • Develop sales pitch for leads based on areas of interest preferences.
  • Access contact information for target decision makers.

Smart, Simple and Mobile

  • Check leads on any device - mobile or desktop.
  • Designed specially for “on the go”, it is simple and easy.
  • Get quick access to details of every lead right on your palm.
  • Filter leads of high, medium and low levels of interest by click of a button.
  • It is simple, nimble and mobile!

Watch List with Alerts

  • Add leads of your choice or interest to a Watch List with a simple click
  • Follow the repeat visits of your chosen leads as their engagement evolves
  • Get details on the activities of your leads on the website for every visit to help sharpen your sales pitch
  • Receive automatic alerts when a Watch List lead returns to your website
  • Add prospective visitors to your Watch List as a preemptive step for lead conversion and tracking
  • Make data-driven decisions for your sales strategy
  • Optimize your sales strategy with Watch List data-driven insights

Engage. Convert. Capture.

  • Engage website visitors with user-friendly lead capture forms
  • Gain insights about their needs through customizable lead forms
  • Convert leads to pursue new opportunities and increase sales
  • Create, convert, and configure lead forms with zero coding
  • Deploy lead forms on any page of the website or before actions like document downloads.
  • Optimize your sales strategy with data-driven insights from user-friendly lead capture forms.

Journey Analytics

  • Understand the evolution of interest of visitors before they take action on your website
  • Use this understanding to shape your sales pitch for these leads
  • Know which information is of high interest and no interest for leads to gain better marketing and sales insights
  • Identify at what point in their journey did leads decide to download a form, submit a query or view a video
  • Make data-driven decisions for your sales strategy
  • Optimize your sales strategy with data-driven insights on the evolution of interest of your website visitors.

Customers and Partners Analytics

  • Segregate predetermined Partners, Competitors and Peers from Sales Leads.
  • Track website visits of customers and partners
  • Understand the data consumption needs of customers and partners
  • Record software downloads, document downloads, and video views by customers on the website
  • Quickly analyze interest level, frequency of visits, recency of visits, and repeat visits
  • Gain deeper insights into customer and partner engagement by analyzing their visit details.

Marketing Enhancer

Most companies invest significantly in creating professional websites and keeping them updated. Important product and service information is offered on websites to serve as hooks to get online enquiries. Marketing Teams invest regularly on email marketing campaigns to generate leads. But these efforts remain ineffective or hardly helpful in streamlining the process of lead generation and conversion. They have no easy way of knowing what is working and what could be a better focus for marketing. They do not get the much needed information to shape action plans and insights to deploy marketing assets more effectively. 

This is where LogiKlu Marketing Enhancer can make a big difference.

No Statistical overkill. Just meaningful, actionable marketing and sales intelligence to help in identifying B2B prospects, understanding areas of specific interest and collecting actionable insights to pursue opportunities. Stop drowning in endless reports! LogiKlu highlights where you need to focus and act upon without getting lost in data tables.

With LogiKlu, your mass mail campaigns become an effective lead generation system. Leads from mass mail can be added directly to LogiKlu CRM for further pursuance of business.

Extraction of Leads from Mail Campaign

  • Identify leads from your Mailchimp campaigns
  • Track website visitors from your email campaigns
  • Understand areas of interest and levels of interest of your leads
  • Gain insights for your next sales pitch to them
  • Automate lead delivery to LogiKlu CRM for a streamlined sales process
  • Optimize your marketing strategy with data-driven decisions.

Marketing Asset Utilization

  • Equip your marketing team with insights on digital asset utilization.
  • Access utilization data for brochures, product literature, video, and downloadable software.
  • Understand product demand through digital asset utilization analysis
  • Guide resource planning based on insights from digital asset utilization analysis
  • Optimize your marketing strategy with data-driven decisions.

Product Demand Analytics

  • Develop a better appreciation of the demand for your products and services
  • View website visitor interest in products according to product hierarchy
  • Gain insights into the geographical demand for individual products or services
  • Automate a product-based lead list for your marketing team
  • Optimize your marketing strategy with data-driven decisions.

Gather more intelligence on Form submitters

  • Review information collected from built-in website forms
  • Check the journey analytics to get a better idea of the evolution of your leads' interest
  • Create a sales pitch tailored to their interests
  • Optimize your sales strategy with data-driven decisions.

Traffic Acquisition Reports

  • See if your LinkedIn campaigns and posts, as well as email campaigns, are driving traffic to your website
  • Understand the returns on your investments in these marketing programs
  • Make better decisions with a distribution of traffic acquisition from these campaigns
  • Optimize your marketing strategy with data-driven decisions.

Visitor Analytics

  • Use this data to understand demand for your products across industries
  • Analyze the success of your advertising campaigns aimed at certain industries and market sectors
  • Focus product feature development to cater to target industries
  • Make data-driven product marketing decisions
  • Optimize your marketing strategy with LogiKlu's industry traffic data.

Geographical Traffic Analytics

  • See how your target audience from different geographical markets are visiting your website
  • Plan your marketing outreach programs in different geographies
  • Build your product/service marketing and sales strategy
  • Optimize your marketing strategy with data-driven decisions based on geographic traffic analysis.

Traffic Flow to website

  • See the ebb and flow of traffic to your website
  • Understand how your marketing actions and outreach programs contribute to website traffic
  • Analyze typical traffic trends during the week Identify event-driven traffic surges or spikes
  • Gain insights into whether your marketing efforts are contributing to increased website traffic
  • Make data-driven decisions for your marketing outreach
  • Optimize your marketing strategy with traffic data-driven insights.

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