Sales Pipeline Automation

Sales CRM

Get equipped with a simple yet powerful CRM to drive sales productivity

Sales Pipeline Management

Traditional CRMs are outdated in many respects for a fast paced modern company. They are big and bulky with bells and whistles that are hardly used. Instead of helping sales people save time on data entry, they are most often the reason for sales people to not update the status of sales activities. LogiKlu was designed with the sales organization in mind – their focus on pursuing opportunities, getting orders and avoidance of cumbersome data management. It is a streamlined sales pipeline management platform that helps your sales team achieve their full potential more effectively. No organizational bottlenecks. Better collaboration. Simple and nimble, yet powerful.

Leads – Manage Leads from all sources efficiently.

  • Work faster with a clean, easy intuitive interface
  • Enter leads individually or in bulk – simple!
  • Get leads delivered automatically from the website, mail campaign and lead forms
  • Manage leads by category and potential
  • Associate deals easily, on the go
  • Schedule activities and tasks on the fly
  • Manage information on every lead including contacts, notes, attachments, social media etc. with ease.
  • Automatically enters lead information to the Company Directory for reference

Visual Deal Flow – Intuitive Workflow and Quick Action

  • Simple but powerful user interface to support key functions
  • Configurable stages of sales cycle to suit your needs
  • Quick ways to edit, delete, or mark as won / lost
  • Easy identifiers for each deal by name, lead, contact
  • Drag and Drop deals to move between stages
  • Clearly display key parameters of deals
  • Activity reminders and notations on each deal
  • Automated deal summation – both total and by stage
  • Search by salesperson

Contact Management

  • Manage all leads, prospects, and customers in one central location
  • Streamline data management with a simple and intuitive user interface
  • Easily edit contact information, add notes, and attach documents for each contact
  • Add new contacts quickly using simple forms or bulk importing from the Lead section
  • Filter contacts by individual company in the database
  • Keep all your data organized and accessible with the central contact database that works in tandem with the Company directory and Lead section
  • Optimize your sales strategy with easy and efficient data management.

Company Directory

  • Add companies individually, in bulk, or via automated lead flow from the website
  • Combine data from multiple sources, including lead forms, website lead analytics, mass mail campaigns, CSV uploads, and individually added entries
  • Filter data by geography, source, employee range, and industry, and search by keyword
  • Categorize companies as suspects, leads, prospects, and customers
  • Easily update data, add notes, and attach documents for each company in the database
  • Get quick access to companies in the database, regardless of their status in the sales cycle
  • Optimize your sales strategy with the central company directory as an integral part of your CRM.

Activities and Tasks

  • Schedule activities and tasks with ease, including in-person meetings, video calls, emails, and calls
  • Add activities while managing leads or deals easily
  • Choose between calendar view or list view for convenience
  • View your activities by day or week to better manage your schedule
  • Invite guests to meetings with ease
  • Get reminders for scheduled activities to avoid missing important events
  • Manage your activities with a simple and intuitive interface
  • Optimize your productivity and efficiency with easy scheduling and task management.

Reports – Evaluate Progress

  • Track lead conversion by salesperson to measure performance
  • Analyze lead entries by product to see sales trends
  • Monitor lead entries by region to understand geographic trends
  • Track the status of deals in various stages of the sales cycle
  • Use data-driven insights to optimize your sales strategy
  • Gain a better understanding of your sales performance with detailed sales status reports
  • Identify areas for improvement and optimize your sales process
  • Streamline your sales reporting process with user-friendly CRM tools.

Sales Forecast

  • Forecast sales accurately and efficiently
  • Analyze historical data to predict future sales trends
  • Use data-driven insights to make informed business decisions
  • Monitor sales performance and adjust strategies accordingly
  • Set realistic sales targets and monitor progress towards achieving them
  • Collaborate with team members to ensure accurate forecasting
  • Streamline your sales forecasting process
  • Optimize your sales strategy with real time sales forecasting.

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