Recognize Customer Interest. Get Product Leads.

LogiKlu tracks every action by visitors on the B2B Product website to analyze their level of engagement not just with the website in general but also with individual products. The analytical reports identify the areas where visitors have shown more interest for you to make meaningful inferences about each business lead for each product individually.

While it is relatively easier to understand customer interest on a B2C website that offers online sales, it is more difficult to understand the depth of interest of customers on B2B product websites without any online purchase.

So, for a company in the semiconductor device industry, semiconductor equipment industry, medical equipment industry and such other B2B segments, each click and every action along with their implications become more important to determine what customers are seeking on the B2B product website. LogiKlu captures every move of the website visitor as well as their path to present a meaningful detailed report on depth of engagement, interest and consequent action. This goes a long way in differentiating between casual interest versus genuine interest on the products and associated technology.

LogiKlu identifies companies visiting the website and tracks their engagement during the entire course of their stay on the website. Not just general engagement with the website but also levels of interest on specific products and associated technical documentation. You can also see list of Companies downloading the product software to get more insight. This is certainly business intelligence that the Marketing and Sales team would love to get their hands on!

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    Get meaningful data on Inbound Traffic, Product Demand and Trends in customer interest 

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    Add target companies to Watch List and get alerted on their visit. Check their engagement on the website to plan your next step! 

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    Build strategies and plans based on analytical insights on preferences, actions, events and behaviors of your visitors

No Statistical Overkill. No frills. No drills. Just the meaningful data to help you with your marketing and sales efforts. 

Understand what your customers are seeking. Recognize the Companies that would give you business.

LogiKlu shows how your customers are showing interest on each product on the website. You can customize the settings to manage reports and add specific target companies to a Watch List. 


What sets us apart from others is our focus on B2B Product websites to make web analytics meaningful, simple and easy. We present data that helps you see the "who, what, when, why and how" for your website, whether you're at the office, or on the go.

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LogiKlu is a website analytics solution designed
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