Know your visitors. Every click. Every move.

LogiKlu tracks every meaningful action of the website visitor to reports on activities, engagements, demand, trends and insights. Identifies the areas where visitors have shown more interest. Shows what is working well and what is not. Pages. Products. Videos. Forms. Documents.

LogiKlu shows how your customers are interacting with your website. Provides a wide range of meaningful data without any statistical overkill. Offers customizable settings to manage data. Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Watch Lists. Marketing Indicators. Product Trackers. Alerts. 

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    Review the progress, performance and trends of your marketing activities and communications programs

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    Watch (monitor) visitors, products, documents and much more to understand demand, trends and interests

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    Build strategies and plans based on analytical insights on preferences, actions, events and behaviors of your visitors

Priced for small businesses to big enterprises. Select what you need and how you need it. No frills. No drills. Just the meaningful data you want.

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One shoe does not fit all. Slew of statistics does not substitute decision pointers. And it should not take you an extra effort to deal with website analytics. So we offer LogiKlu - simple to understand and ready to use. Effective for business decisions and available, even on the go. Comes in multiple packages. Each offers a certain depth of data analysis and custom services. Select a subscription level that best fits your need.


What sets us apart from others is our focus on making analytics meaningful, simple and easy. We don't believe in high frill statistics. We present data that helps you clearly see the "who, what, when, why and how" of your website, whether you're at the office, or on the go.

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LogiKlu is brought to you by Creative Mileage, a company catering to multiple sectors with customer oriented web application products.

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