Sales Pipeline Automation


Enabling sales growth with simpler, smarter, cost-effective solutions

Welcome to LogiKlu Inc., your trusted partner in providing sales enhancing software solutions for small to medium enterprises (SMEs). With our team's extensive experience and expertise in developing custom software applications, SaaS solutions, and niche CRM solutions, we have created a powerful Sales Pipeline Automation platform tailored specifically for your business needs. 

Over the years, our diverse portfolio has given us a deep understanding of marketing, business development, and sales, enabling us to develop a streamlined solution that seamlessly integrates CRM, Lead Generation, and Marketing Analytics. 

At LogiKlu, we believe in the power of simplification. The more we simplify complex tasks, the more we empower you to thrive.

Our Sales Pipeline Automation platform is designed to simplify and optimize your sales processes, empowering your team to efficiently manage leads, track customer interactions, and close deals with ease. By automating repetitive tasks, our solution frees up valuable time, allowing your sales team to focus on building relationships and driving revenue.

When you choose LogiKlu Inc., you gain a dedicated partner committed to your success. Our team of skilled professionals will provide ongoing support and guidance, ensuring a seamless implementation and continued optimization of our Sales Pipeline Automation platform. We work closely with you to understand your specific goals and challenges, ensuring that our solution aligns perfectly with your objectives.


The concept of LogiKlu stemmed from the realization that companies need a simpler solution to manage opportunities throughout the sales cycle without any organizational bottlenecks.

While working in the tech sector in Silicon Valley, both in Marketing Management and Business Unit management, I witnessed how marketing and sales organizations were missing a comprehensive and collaborative sales pipeline management platform to pursue business opportunities effectively. I also realized that unless the solution is very smart yet simple, it may not be easily adopted by a sales organization. This led to our development of LogiKlu, a simple, smart and nimble sales pipeline automation solution that works across all devices, desktop to mobile, with remarkable ease.

Subrata Chatterji, Founder & CEO, LogiKlu

As a company, LogiKlu is committed to keeping the LogiKlu CRM + Lead Generation simplistically effective for the Marketing and Sales team, anytime, anywhere. We see it as a two way process, where software use analytics to deliver leads and insights, while real world experience provides valuable information to convert to sales. When the two work in most potent ways, you have LogiKlu.

No overkill in statistics. No cumbersome click journey to get to the data. No complex training. It is ready to use, whenever you are.

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