LogiKlu is a website analytics solution designed
for B2B product companies.

The concept of LogiKlu stemmed from the realization that Marketing and Sales teams in B2B product companies are not getting any actionable insights on product demand or business leads from the popular web analytics software.

“During my stint in the semiconductor industry, both in strategic marketing and Business Unit management, I missed having a tool to get meaningful insights on the utilization of digital assets on the website. These “deployed assets” could be a great source of business intelligence. But most of the common website analytics solutions seem to focus more on potency of Ad Words, content efficacy, Heat Maps and plethora of generic traffic statistics leaving a huge vacuum in deciphering a customer's “depth of engagement” with specific products to filter Hot leads. LogiKlu addresses that vacuum.”
Subrata Chatterji, Founder, LogiKlu Analytics


Many B2B product companies that typically do not sell online are looking for ways to understand how the digital assets available on the websites are being utilized by clients. Does that show a pattern of interest or disinterest? Is it a repeat visit or a new potential customer? And most importantly, Marketing and Sales groups would love to see not only what Companies are seeking but also identify them as leads to pursue.

LogiKlu specializes in providing “product specific” analytics including presenting a composite view on software download and consumption of data sheets by customers for each product.  And you can dig deeper to peel a few more layers of the engagement and level of interest to see more details on every visit, click and action. It offers ways to add target customers to the Watch List and be alerted on their visit.

The “Executive Dashboard” provides ready-to-use reports that gives a full snapshot on almost everything, viewable right on your mobile – “analytics on the go”. Every report in LogiKlu has been designed for the end user’s direct use with no additional analytics needed.

LogiKlu is a marketing tool conceived by marketing folks for marketing folks.