Logiklu is brought to you by Creative Mileage. 


Creative Mileage provides SaaS (software as a service) solutions that transform websites into a high performance integrated business platform. With each of our products, we equip websites with application modules that make key business processes streamlined, repeatable, measurable and scalable.


We strive to help every business understand how important their website is and how to take full advantage of what it can offer to their visitors.


Logiklu’s story started with the realization that free web analytics were not doing the job for business managers and small business owners. It was easy to get lost in the barrage of statistics. They were left with more work to do and less time to apply the information. We realized that some paid web analytics have chosen a specific data display to be their core offering while others seemed to be turning their focus on specific applications.


Taking a very practical approach, we identified the key website performance data needed by businesses. We presented web analytics in clean tables and elegant graphs with the option to dwell deeper into the data layer by layer, as it suits the user. 


This is how LogiKlu was born, with more emphasis on meaningful data accompanied by ease-of-use and smart visualization.