Marketing and Sales Intelligence Automation


LogiKlu utilizes both lead generation from the website and vital inputs from the salesperson to offer the most effective Sales Intelligence.

LogiKlu was created to address the vacuum left by traditional lead generation software and over-hyped marketing automation tools.

The traditional lead generation approach in identifying a Company visiting a website and then simply showing their activities, falls way short of comprehensive “sales intelligence”. Marketing Automation platforms, though offering lead generation as well, are better valued for their email marketing capabilities rather than sales leads. But such email marketing fall flat on sales efforts to sell high-value products and services in the B2B world.

LogiKlu was founded on the direct knowledge and experience of the challenges faced by Companies in selling complex technologies, and high-value products and services in the B2B sector. LogiKlu addresses the real life problems faced by the Sales Organization in easily receiving actionable sales leads as well as in providing inputs on target opportunities for successful closure. So the objective is to equip the Sales Team with simple, smart, actionable sales intelligence to pursue business opportunities more effectively.

The concept of LogiKlu stemmed from the realization that sales teams need a simple and effective sales intelligence tool right in their palm without any organizational bottlenecks.

During my stint in the semiconductor equipment industry, both in Marketing Management and Business Unit management, I witnessed how marketing and sales organizations were missing a comprehensive intelligence tool that provided qualified leads with meaningful insights on products. I also realized that unless the intelligence tool is very smart and "handy", it may not be effective for the organization. This led to our development of LogiKlu, a simple, smart and nimble Marketing and Sales Intelligence tool that will work without even having to switch on a computer. Any mobile phone or tablet would do.

Subrata Chatterji, Founder & CEO, LogiKlu

As a company, LogiKlu is committed to making Sales Intelligence simplistically effective for the Salesperson to use, wherever they are, whenever they need to. We see sales intelligence as a two-way street, where software use analytics to deliver leads and insights, while real world experience provides valuable refinements to the information. When the two work in most potent ways, you have LogiKlu.

Every report in LogiKlu has been designed simplistically yet meaningfully. No overkill in statistics. No cumbersome click journey to get to the data. No training needed for onboarding. It is ready to use, whenever you are.

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