LogiKlu identifies visiting Companies and provides simple, clean, meaningful reports to understand the preferences, interests and potential demand of each these B2B leads. You can delve into layers of details on each visitor showing interest on individual products.

There are reports to illustrate Product Demand Analytics, Inbound Traffic and Engagement Indicators that help understand visitor interest on specific products and services and utilization of digital assets on the website. One of the key distinction of LogiKlu is its ease of use. The Dashboard style of reporting is a very effective management tool for planning and action.

  • Executive Dashboard

    Crisp Reports with layered details to serve as an effective Management Tool for planning and action.

  • Filtered B2B Leads 

    Visiting companies are identified, qualified as B2B Leads for individual product based on behavioral analytics and can be filtered by various periods or by returning and new Companies.

  • Product Demand Analytics

    Demand for each individual product is shown by geography and selected period to understand market trends. You can also see a quick snapshot of product popularity (most and least). 

  • Digital Asset Utilization

    Usage of Digital assets like images, data sheets, app notes, software, video etc. by visitors are analyzed to offer insights on utilization.

  • Layered Depth on each Visitor

    Layered reports enable clients to delve into desired depth on each visitor to look at all actions and activities including click-through journey, expression of interest by certain actions, etc.

  • Watch List for Targets

    Target companies, products, digital assets etc. can be added to a Watch List to be tracked separately to generate reports for convenience and efficiency.  

  • Alert for Target Visitors

    LogiKlu can send email alerts to clients for Companies on Watch List when they visit the website. This helps in timely action. 

  • Customized Settings

    Many of the settings for product hierarchy, emailed reports, and lead levels can be customized to meet the needs of different companies and websites.

  • Traffic Comparison Snapshot

    Traffic change reports for day to day, week to week, month to month shown as quick comparisons to see fluctuation due to special event or action or announcements.

  • Hot Leads Filter

    Leads marked as High are additionally flagged as "hot" with a flame icon when system detects exceptionally higher level of activities and action to help sales team focus on best prospects. 

  • Geographical Analytics

    Geographical spread of leads, regional demand of products and asset utilization by country help to plan and act on global market needs and allocate resource accordingly.

  • Check Visitor Trends

    Monitor visitors by dates, popular pages, geographies, bounce rates and many other parameters, all of which help understand various trends and decide on future actions.

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