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Lead Capture Management

Convert website visitors into leads. Simple. Effective.

Would you like to engage with visitors on the website and nurture them as leads for sales ?

Create user-friendly, mobile-optimized pop-up or in-line forms and deploy them on the website without involving developers. No coding needed. Use customizable lead form builder without any conflict with your existing website design. Simply add the tag offered by LogiKlu to a web page and start enjoying the benefits of “lead nurturing” forms. Increase conversions, reduce form abandonment, and yield higher quality leads through a much cleaner and more engaging user experience.

Lead nurturing forms can be one of the most important tools in your lead generation strategy to capture leads on websites. With LogiKlu’s pop-up forms, your visitors can have an easy way to request information and answer questions while you can capture the leads that you are looking for. Provide more qualified leads in the hands of your sales team.

The other benefit, in terms of GDPR and other privacy policies, is that you get permission from the website visitors to interact with them in pursuit of potential sales and gain insightful information on their needs.

Engage. Communicate. Convert

Engage website visitors with users-friendly forms, gain insights about their needs and convert to sales leads.

Choose a Type of Form that is apt for your need

Create different types of forms for Surveys, Document Download, Video View, simple workflow forms, etc.


Form Templates

Start with pre-bulit form templates to save even more time


Drag & Drop Form Bulider

Easily create an amazing form in just a few minutes without help form developers


Surveys and Polls Addon

Easily create surveys forms and analyze the data with interactive reports.


Responsive Mobile Friendly

Fully responsive it works on mobile, tablets & desktop.


User Journey

See how each converts by reviewing their journey Anlytics. Gain insights on their interest and needs.


Start Turning Visitors Into Leads Easily and Efficiently

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