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Understanding Product Demand Analytics from Website Activity

If online activity of your website's visitors is at your fingertips, then half of your job is done as far as understanding demand of products and services is concerned. Knowing high interest and low interest of prospective customers are certainly factors that shape marketing plans. There are many web analytics tools to scrutinize the activities of the website visitors. But how does one select the right one for determining product and service demand?

Your company maybe featuring the products and services on the website and you would most likely know the historical sales records of these products and services. So one can argue that you know the products and services that are in demand. But how about the future trends? How about other products which may be getting traction in countries that you are not serving? This is one of those areas where product demand analytics from your website could be a valuable indicator. This information could influence your marketing plan for those products and services in those countries or markets. You could strategic your campaigns and build your budget with such visibility of demand.

It is true that are are quite a few ways and tools to derive this information on product / service demand from the website. But you do not want to be left with a lot of beautiful graphs and charts that barely translates to actionable insights. You may be left with a lot of unwanted information with convoluted representation that could be decoded only by analytical experts. On the other hand, there could be tools that offer comprehensive data but are extremely expensive. So if you're looking for a Marketing Intelligence tool for your website that will deliver easy-to-understand, user-friendly demand insights of the product without having to commit to a huge budget, then perhaps many of the marketing automation tools will not qualify.

You need the most practical elements of demand analytics and not be bothered about the other reports that simply are unwanted bells and whistles. Product demand by country, by individual company (warm leads), sales quarter, substantiated by details including use of associated marketing assets such as white papers, brochures, flyers, etc. And he data should be simple and useful, not encumbered by confusing statistics. You should be able to review reports on any device - mobile or desktop.

  • LogiKlu Team
  • March 11, 2020

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