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Web Analytics - While Free Lunch is useless, paying an arm and a leg does not make sense either!

If you have a great website but do not know how it’s being utilized by your target audience, then you may not be reaping the benefits of the website.  Or if you are unaware of the sections on the website that are not impressing the visitors then you cannot plan a response or corrective action. This crucial information of increasing or diminishing interest of visitors on your website can be understood with the help of web analytics reports.

Yes, there are quite a few free web analytics tools and a very well-known one indeed. But what can you really expect from a free tool - there is no free lunch as they say! Moreover, the free tool, which offers a bunch of statistics and graphs may need you to hire a "certified" analyst to create the custom reports that are more meaningful. Now, you are talking about spending more effort. more time and more money!

But if you get the right web analytics solution, you may not need to hire an analyst or equivalent professionals (and they do not come cheap!) to understand the data. Moreover, with insights gained from a good analytics solution, you will be able to check how your target audience is engaging with the product or service information on your website or how they may not be acting upon the information. You may be able to easily identify the shortcomings on time to address them....yes, without any help to decipher the data.

So, here are a few important things that you get from an easy-to-use effective web analytics tool.

1. No professional help needed:  Web analytics tools that are designed for the business-person are easy to follow and do not need any dependency on professionals to explain the data. 

2. Simple to use without any training: Sometimes, the data on various activities on the website are not easily represented and consequently requires training or getting used to the reports. It is also not easy to find what you are looking for even if the data is well covered. Make sure that the web analytics that you select is self-explanatory and user-friendly, thus requiring no training. You should be able to hit the ground running. 

3. Peel the layers of data based on need: Many free web analytics tools provide too much data all at once instead of letting the user peel the layers, one at a time, to dig deeper. And most of the data is so statistical and dry that it becomes either overwhelming or too difficult to understand. If you have $150,000 to spend annually on web analytics, then Google analytics 360 (premium) could help a wide range of analysis. However, there are a lot of users who would rather use a more affordable, simple to understand web analytics tool that they could use meaningfully. These web analytics tools are great for small to mid-sized companies that offer valuable insights without charging an arm and a leg.  

5. Pricing: If you’re a small or mid-sized business, then budget is indeed an important consideration while selecting a good analytics platform. While avoiding the free tools that are pretty useless, you can opt for a cost effective web analytics tool which offers reasonable ways to scale up based on need and growth in business.  

7. Mobile app: Make sure the web analytics tool you select comes with a convenient mobile app, so that you can use it anytime, anywhere. 

LogiKlu has been developed ground up with busy business executives in mind. Besides marketing and sales intelligence to fill the sales funnel, LogiKlu offers meaningful web analytics with actionable insights that are super easy to understand and follow.  

  • LogiKlu Team
  • October 14, 2020

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